ViDeyo   Arts   has   been   creating   wedding   memories   for   over   30   years.   Every   wedding   is   shot   is   beautiful   HD   video   from   as many   as   five   cameras.   We   offer   many   different   packages   and   prices.   You   are   sure   to   find   one   that   fits   your   taste   and budget.
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Video Samples
Melissa and Eric    Preparations at the Church
Alyssa and Deon   The Processional
Mike and Kristy   Vows
Samantha and Cale    Reception
Erin and Ryan    Dance
Packages and Prices
The Economy Package
2 Camera Ceremony Coverage, 1 Blu-Ray, 2 DVD’s, 1 USB Flash Drive
The Basic Package
The Standard Package
3 Camera Ceremony Coverage, Reception/Dinner, 1 hour of Dance, replay the wedding at reception, 5-minute Highlight Reel, 3 Blu-Ray, 3 DVD’s, 1 USB Flash Drive
The Deluxe Package
Preparations at the Church, 4 Camera Ceremony Coverage, Departure from the Church, Reception/Dinner, 3 hours of the Dance, 5-minute Highlight Reel, 3 Blu-Ray, 3 DVD’s, 1 USB Flash Drive
The Ultimate Package
Preparations at the Church, 5 Camera Ceremony Coverage, Departure from the Church, Receiving Line, Reception/Dinner, 3 hours of the Dance, 5-minute Highlight Reel, 150-photo Photo Montage, 3 Blu-Ray, 5 DVD’s, 1 USB Flash Drive
2 Camera Ceremony Coverage, Reception/Dinner, First Dance, 2 Blu-Ray, 2 DVD’s, 1 USB Flash Drive
Photo Montage Projection Services
$300 $225
Package Add-Ons
Hair/Makeup Salon Session      Preparations at the Church or Home Receiving Line Departure from the Church Limo Ride and Bar Hopping Just the Toasts First Dance Only
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Our Home Area
Our   home   area   is   a   50   mile   radius   from   Austin,   Minnesota.   Depending   on   the   Package   selected,   we   may   need to   attend   the   rehearsal   and,   consequently,   stay   overnight. This   will   sometimes   be   just   one   man   and   sometimes a   three   man   crew,   again,   based   on   the   package   you   select.   Travel   fees   for   service   outside   the   home   area   will be   negotiated   at   the   time   of   sign-up.   Travel   Fees   cover   the   extra   cost   of   mileage,   meals,   hotels   and   extra crew wages.
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Frequently Asked Questions
You say that we'll have our video back in 60 days. Others take 6-8 months. How can you do that?
Several   factors   work   together   to   allow   us   to   complete   your   video   in   such   a   short   time.      Our   "live   switching"   technique   means   we   don't   have   to   edit   all   5   cameras   together   in   editing for   the   ceremony.      This   single   factor   alone   saves   us   weeks   of   time   versus   conventional   edit   methods.      Another   huge   factor   is   the   fact   that   we   are   a   full-time   staffed   facility,   not "weekend warriors".  Our in-house editing staff will devote several days to working on your wedding.
How come you use so many cameras at the ceremony?
We   have   developed   our   "system"   after   nearly   30   years   in   the   field.      We've   found   that   5   cameras   provides   all   of   the   various   angles   necessary   to   properly   tell   the   story.      With   our   multi camera   approach,   we   actually   become   LESS   obtrusive.      We   don't   need   to   move   around   during   the   ceremony.      We're   already   everywhere.      The   videographer   with   only   one   or   two cameras   is   bound   to   have   to   move   during   the   ceremony   to   get   into   position   to   get   all   the   right   angles...and   what   kind   of   a   shot   is   he   getting   when   he's   busy   roaming   around   the church?      The   churches   we   go   to   appreciate   the   fact   that   we   are   unobtrusive   and   won't   be   roaming   around   during   this   important   religious   event.      It   is,   first   and   foremost,   a   religious sacrament, and then, secondarily, a video event.
Will you be dressed appropriately?
Every   member   of   the   ViDeyo Arts   staff   that   attends   your   event   will   be   dressed   completely   in   formal   black   attire.      Our   men   wear   black   suit   coats   and   black   slacks,   our   women   wear black dresses.  We've found that this is not only the professional way to dress, it also helps us to "fade into the crowd", so that we don't draw attention to ourselves.
Who will be shooting my wedding?
Almost   always,   it   will   be   the   owner   and   founder,   John   Deyo,   shooting   your   wedding   video.      On   the   rare   occasion   that   John   is   ill   or   otherwise   completely   unavailable,   another   member of the ViDeyo Arts staff will fill in, each of which has over 15 years experience shooting weddings.
Why do you attend my rehearsal?
We   don't   like   surprises   any   more   than   you   do.     Attending   the   rehearsal   removes   most   of   the   surprises.      We   can   check   camera   angles,   find   electrical   outlets,   check   the   sound   system and   locate   the   most   appropriate   location   for   "switching".      We   also   use   the   rehearsal   as   a   time   to   go   over   the   details   with   you   and   also   with   the   clergy   or   wedding   coordinator.      We   like to   have   them   "on   our   side".     Attending   the   rehearsal   also   gives   us   a   chance   to   meet   the   family   and   friends.      This   helps   in   shooting   the   reception   and   other   parts   of   the   day,   because now we know who the key players are.
What is included in the travel fee for a wedding outside the home area?
The   travel   fee   helps   cover   our   costs   to   travel   to   your   event.      Our   three-man   crew   will   drive   to   your   rehearsal,   stay   overnight   in   a   hotel   and   then   shoot   your   wedding   all   day   the   next day.      We   need   to   pay   for   meals,   gas,   hotel   and   extra   man-hours.      If   your   wedding   is   VERY   far   away,   we'll   need   to   stay   in   a   hotel   the   night   of   the   wedding   as   well,   rather   than   drive home in the middle of the night.
Packages Grid
John   Deyo   and   the   staff   of   ViDeyo Arts   absolutely   are   wonderful.      They   are   knowledgeable,   courteous   and   created   a   wonderful   memory   of   this   very   special   day.      During   the   planning stages   we   discussed   with   John   what   we   wanted   and   hoped   to   achieve   and   John   was   great   at   suggesting/showing   better   ways   to   get   what   we   desired.      The   final   product   was incredible!      There   were   moments   that   were   caught   on   tape   that   I   missed   or   maybe   forget   during   the   excitement   of   the   day   but   now   I   have   for   a   lifetime.      Thank   you   John   and   the staff at ViDeyo Arts for making the special day last forever!!!     Rhonda A.   Austin  June 2012
In   the   34   years   since   our   marriage,   there   were   only   a   few   days   I   looked   forward   to   as   much   as   the   day   our   son   and   his   bride   were   to   be   married   at   our   farm!   We   turned   our   party   shed into   a   "wedding   palace"   and   John   captured   all   of   the   moments   of   this   special   day:   from   the   helicam   taking   an   aerial   of   the   farm   to   the   bride   and   groom's   "first   look",to   the   wedding, to   the   reception,   and   replaying   the   wedding   at   the   reception   (awesome),   to   the   dance.   Of   all   the   things   we   planned   for   the   wedding,   this   was   one   of   our   best   decisions   to   have   John video   the   day!   John   had   the   video   done   in   a   short   time   and   we   were   all   so   excited   to   see   it,   the   bride   and   groom   made   a   very   special   dinner   and   we   were   all   invited   to   come   and watch   the   video.   It   is   so   important   to   have   those   once   in   a   lifetime   moments   captured   on   film.   I   would   highly   recommend   this   professional   to   record   one   of   the   most   important   days of your life!     Laurie O.   Blue Earth   July 2013
Jayson   and   I   would   like   to   express   our   sincere   gratitude   for   the   outstanding   job   you   did   on   our   wedding   video!   I   couldn’t   have   asked   for   a   better   experience   with   service, professionalism   and   experience.   Thank   you   for   being   so   accommodating   when   it   came   to   our   unique   long-distance   situation.   We   are   very   appreciative   for   the   dedication   and contribution you made in making our day into unforgettable memories that will last us a lifetime! A BIG thank you for surpassing all of our expectations!    Amber M.    Austin    2011
We   want   to   thank   you   for   an   amazing   job   on   our   wedding   videos.      The   Photo   Montage   was   great   and   you   were   so   flexible   and   understanding   when   I   kept   bringing   in   more   and   more pictures!  The footage you took of our wedding day was terrific.  We now have memories of our special day that will last forever!   Megan S.   Rochester    2010
It   was   so   exciting   watching   our   video   for   the   first   time!   Both   my   husband   and   I   were   overwhelmed   getting   to   watch   our   dream   day   all   over   again.   Not   only   are   we   impressed   by   the quality   of   the   video,   we   also   appreciate   the   many   special   details   ViDeyo   Arts   added,   such   as   captions   detailing   each   segment   and   sentimental   background   music.   We   have   now watched   the   video   many   times,   and   without   fail,   each   viewing   brings   a   fresh   wave   of   laughter   and   tears   as   we   celebrate   yet   again   our   incredible   wedding   day.   We   highly   recommend ViDeyo Arts to other brides and grooms!   Anna F.    Lyle   2013
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All Day Coverage 14+ hours of shooting!
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ViDeyo   Arts   has   been   creating   wedding   memories   for over   30   years.   Every   wedding   is   shot   is   beautiful   HD video   from   as   many   as   five   cameras.   We   offer   many different   packages   and   prices.   You   are   sure   to   find   one that fits your taste and budget.